Lanyard Attachments Make Custom Lanyards Functional

Standard Attachments

Upgrade Attachments

Optional Accessories

Personalized lanyards are as unique as the businesses, organizations, schools, clubs, and sports teams that order them. That's why attachments are so important. We offer a wide variety of options for you to choose from that will meet your needs and make your custom lanyards functional and memorable.

Standard, Upgrade or Safety Attachments: Which Will You Choose?

We offer three different categories of attachments for you to choose from. Our standard attachments are free with every order. Each serves its own purpose. For example, for an attachment option that swivels, J-hooks, Lobster Claws, and Bulldog Clips are the perfect option. Split Key Ring and Cell Phone Loop attachments make it so you can carry your keys and phone with you wherever you go. Standard attachments are practical and economical.

Upgrade attachments are durable and long lasting. Like the standard attachments that swivel, Carabiner Hooks, Oval Hooks, and Thumb Hooks make it easy for your employees, students, members, and athletes to grab whatever it is that they're carrying on their lanyards. For work badges and school ID cards that need to face forward at all times, the Non-Swivel Hook is what you need. Upgraded attachment options cost more but are upscale.

If safety is your number one concern, a Buckle Release, Plastic Breakaway, Velcro Breakaway or Badge Reel attachment is just what you're looking for. Detaching or extending the reach of a badge on personalized lanyards is easy when options like these exist. We also offer transparent, plastic badge holders to hold identification. This allows you to extend your level of safety by properly identifying the wearer of your custom lanyards.

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